I have assisted, studied with and trained with Jennifer for four years and know her to be creative, connected and patient as a teacher and supervisor. She listens carefully and then compassionately helps you find the best path. She is a wonderful EFT guide and supervisor. I heartily recommend Jennifer to anyone who wishes to deepen their practice.

Nicholas MaloneLMFT, Certified EFT Couples therapist EFT supervisor in training

I highly recommend the Lab under Jen’s direction. It is thru this small group style of leaning I am able to gain mastery over each concept used in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. As a supervisor, Jen continues teaching and directing in a fun and gentle way. Thank you Jen!

Joy GrafMFT, EFT therapist

Jen brings knowledge, humor, and ease to every interaction. I enjoyed her as the leader of The Lab and benefited greatly from the structured, one-concept-at-a-time teaching she developed with Lillian Buchanan. In direct supervision, she carefully works to understand my needs/goals and with kind, supportive expertise guides me to the next level. I highly recommend her.

EFT lab participant

I have attended two EFT Core Skill trainings where Jennifer Olden has been a supervisor and assisted in training. She was an invaluable asset to the Core Skills trainings. Jennifer’s grasp and knowledge of the subject matter as well as her capability of teaching Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy to student therapists was excellent. Her teaching style is very engaging and her knowledge of the structure of EFT as well as her ability to teach from an experiential attachment perspective was dynamic. Her warmth and comforting presence created safety and trust for those of us she assisted in learning this complex model. She is a wonderful asset to the EFT community and I feel privileged to have worked with her.

Anne YatesMFT, Certified EFT Therapist

Jennifer is an excellent teacher. I am so grateful that she was an assistant during my EFT Core Skills and advanced Core Skills training. I learned a great deal from her. She is insightful, supportive, thoughtful, engaging and very helpful. In my experience, any time Jennifer shares her expertise, I learn.

Patrick ProctorLMFT, Certified EFT therapist

I attended an EFT Dojo and met individually with Jen. She has a wonderful way of tuning into individual learning needs and meeting you where you are in learning the EFT model.

Con Sheehan Jr.LMFT, EFT therapist

I have had the privilege of watching Jennifer work – as a therapist, a teacher and as a supervisor of EFT. She is a wonderful therapist who is highly skilled in this model. She cares deeply about the people she works with and works hard for them. She is committed to excellence in her work.

Alison LeeVice President and co-founder of ICEEFT

Jennifer’s warm presence and guidance create gentle and safe learning communities. In individual supervision and the labs, we deepen our knowledge and understanding of this wondrous EFT world, make mistakes, and rejoice in everyone’s gains. My skills and confidence as an EFT therapist have grown immensely. Oh yes, there are fun and laughter too.

Charlie RuffLMFT, EFT therapist

I have appreciated developing my EFT skills in Jennifer’s groups which includes learning, practicing together and demonstrating your work. Jennifer is warm and caring as she gives supportive feedback. I value her clear, concise reflections focused on the present process in an attachment frame. I am grateful for her part in my becoming a Certified EFT therapist.

Laura ReamesMFT, EFT therapist

Jen brings knowledge, humor, and ease to every interaction. I enjoyed her as the leader of The Lab and benefited greatly from the structured, one-concept-at-a-time teaching she developed with Lillian Buchanan. In direct supervision, she carefully works to understand my needs/goals and with kind, supportive expertise guides me to the next level. I highly recommend her.

Renee SteelePh.D., EFT therapist

We are so fortunate in the Sacramento area to have Jennifer Olden as a resource for learning EFT. Jennifer knows EFT inside and out! But even more than her personal understanding of EFT, Jennifer is able to convey this model of couples therapy in a comprehensive, fun, lively, encouraging, and well rounded way. I left each EFT Lab session (formerly the Dojo) with new perspectives and new skills to use right away with my clients. No matter where you are on the road to learning EFT, or even as a therapist in general, you will feel supported and inspired by Jennifer. I highly recommend the EFT Lab for anyone who works with couples!

Leslie TownMFT intern, EFT therapist

I can’t speak highly enough about the Dojo experience, let alone Jen’s deft handling of all the nuances and curly cues that come with learning the tricks of the trade. Perhaps it is that I haven’t yet taken Core Skills, maybe its just I’m slow to learn, but even though this is my second run through Dojo #1 (completed both #1 and 2 in the past) I find it as refreshing, stimulating, and grounding as the first time. Even more so, as this time around I am chin deep in couples, and celebrate a bit more experience under my belt, I have a bit more of a grasp of the concept. It’s difficult for me to imagine doing this work without a chance to be reminded of the simple-mindedness of it all on a regular basis. Adding to Jen’s humor, sensibilities, and gentle touch is the chance to meet with a group of dedicated colleagues who are plodding the same path. A joy, a gift and best kept secret that everyone should know about. Come and see for yourself. It’s not be found anywhere else.

Rebecca WhitterMFT, EFT therapist

Jen is a great supervisor. She is a skilled process consultant who also creates a safe space for work on self-of-therapist issues. As I’ve worked with Jen I’ve really grown as an EFT therapist.

Jason TrowbridgeMFT and EFT therapist

As a seasoned clinician sending my couples to Hold Me Tight weekend, I was impressed with how far along they came in understanding each other and the EFT model. They also reported that the community of couples, helped them not feel so alone on this journey to create safety and a loving connection. As a professional, I was impressed with Jennifer’s knowledge, compassion and ability to create a comfortable space for everyone to grow! She is an amazing teacher.

RosemarySacramento, CA

The HMT (Hold Me Tight) workshop was the perfect balance of structure, safety, information and reflection. It allowed me to focus on the meaningful things in my relationship and guide to have conversations about them.

JenSacramento, CA

HMT (Hold Me Tight) with Jennifer Olden presenting is truly a relationship changing opportunity for couples. Jennifer has an incredibly gentle and effective way of making a learning environment safe and comfortable. Clients have shared how her HMT weekends opened up long closed conversations, allowed time to reconnect and heal, supported a deeper understanding and connection, and breathed life back into their couple in a ways that weekly therapy sessions weren’t.

CeSacramento, CA

I learned at the Hold Me Tight workshop that she needs me and that I need her. If you are looking for a way to reconnect with your loved one, this will certainly help you. Jennifer is patient and guides everyone through your own stuff. Highly recommend this to anyone. Thank you Jennifer.

JimmySacramento, CA

Coming into the workshop our relationship was distressed and we had no hope of resolving our issues. By the end of the first day our relationship was repaired and by the end of the workshop we felt confident that we could apply the EFT principles to our future relationship success.

TomSacramento, CA

I learned in the Hold Me Tight workshop the importance of my word choice and how sensitive he is to everything I say because he loves me so much. I now can slow down communication to avoid the runaway train.

Hold Me Tight participant

I learned how scared, uncomfortable I am with asking for needs to be met without anger. It was valuable to hear my partner really understand the attachment injury and how much my partner needs me and much he needs to be tended to.

Hold Me Tight participant

We were on the brink of a break-up when we registered for the “Hold Me Tight” workshop. Although I had anxiety about what we would experience, I was willing to try it to see if there was hope. Jennifer’s kindness and caring was evident immediately. She assuaged my concerns and her positive approach helped us through the exercises. Although we still have a long way to go, we left committed to continuing to work on our relationship. Thank you, Jennifer!

ElizabethSacramento, CA

I find Jennifer to be the very best kind of EFT Supervisor, because what I want in a Supervisor is someone who will come alongside me, who will help me with my stuck places in a gentle thoughtful way, sharing her knowledge empathically and from a humble place of having been there herself. I want someone who will help me and leave me whole. Jennifer is that kind of person, and I will always be grateful for that.

Lillian BuchananCertified EFT Therapist and Supervisor

There are few EFT Supervisors as dedicated and passionate about EFT as Jennifer Olden. We have worked alongside of her for many years and can attest to her talent and skill in helping clinicians learn EFT. With her great sense of humor she is kind, gentle and seems to know just the right way to teach so that learning takes place in an atmosphere of warmth and support.  She is a gifted EFT therapist and Supervisor.  We highly recommend her.

Paul and Nancy Aikin

Jennifer brings to her teaching role a warmth and naturalness that creates the safety needed for peer connection and maximum learning. Also, she shares her significant skill as an EFT therapist in a strikingly effective manner.

Virginia HarrisLMFT

Thoughtful presentation that is broken down to small steps for skills building and therapist confidence building. Good films, role playing and handouts. Excellent instructor who models while training peers.

Char HongLMFT

The Lab helped me to “really get” EFT by practicing skills bit by bit in a safe and secure setting. The role playing, small group and dyad experiential piece was very helpful. Jennifer is a great teacher!

Rosemary MilesPhD