EFT Labs


Instructor:  Jennifer Olden, LMFT, Certified EFT therapist and supervisor

Join us for a 8-session online in-depth group!  This is a great accompaniment to Core Skills but can also be taken independently.

Learn about session management:
• Stay out of content.
• Interrupt without cutting off.
• Follow the thread.
• Contain and explore at the same time.

Cracking the code with the 5 moves:
• Learn to reflect process, deepen, enact, process enactment and tie the bow as you walk the path to stage 2.

And EXTRAS like how to work with shame, and attachment injuries…

Instructor: Jennifer Olden, LMFT Certified EFT therapist and supervisor

Join us for a 10-session in-depth group!  This is a great accompaniment to Core Skills but can also be taken independently.

• Take heightening emotion and leaning into attachment frame to whole new level
• What do you do with model of self and other as it presents itself in session
• Working with shame
• How to move the pursuer from directive attention to receptive attention
• Working with the withdrawer in the window of tolerance
• Why EFT stage 2 work is often counter-intuitive and sometimes scary for the therapist.
• Enjoying the EFT high


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an EFT Lab?

The EFT Lab is a training program focused on preparing you to practice Emotionally Focused Therapy.  I will help you learn EFT so you can put this wonderful approach to work in your practice.  The Lab is a safe and supportive environment where we are actually doing EFT.  It is embodied, active, here and now, and experiential.

2. If I miss a session, do I still have to pay for it?

Yes, but you will also receive all the materials.  If I have a parallel EFT Lab running at the same time, you will have the opportunity to have a make-up session.

3. If I decide that I don’t want to attend for the entire 6 months, will I still be responsible for the payment?

It is important that you are committed to the 12 sessions and intend to complete the entire program. The facilitator is happy to discuss the format so you can be fairly certain it will fit your learning style. It is our goal to serve your EFT needs, so we are always looking for opportunities to learn and improve.

However,  If you must withdraw from the EFT Lab program, then you are not responsible for future payment.

4. Does the EFT Lab replace Core Skills?

No way!  Core Skills is one of the most helpful and instrumental trainings in learning EFT and if it is your goal to get certified, Core Skills is key.  The EFT Lab is a great support to Core Skills. One way to think about it is that Core Skills is the main class and the EFT Lab is the extension of it.

5. How advanced is the EFT Lab student?

The EFT Lab targets students with a wide range of skills and training.  We do this purposefully.  The more advanced students profit from the review and are able to fill in information gaps.  Similarly, new students “catch” the EFT enthusiasm and often decide to set out on the EFT path.  Also, like Aikido training, the more advanced EFT practitioners learn by helping others learn.

6. What is the format of the EFT Lab?

We pick a particular essential skill, like “managing defensive responses” and watch the experts model this intervention on a video clip.  We discuss, role play, and integrate the new information together.  It is designed to be primarily experiential and not didactic.

7. What does the EFT Lab have to do with certification?

Our goal is to help you make meaningful progress towards learning and internalizing the necessary skills for certification.

8. Will we be required to bring clips to our meetings?

Yes.  One time during the twelve sessions, you will be asked to bring a short clip of your work that demonstrates a skill we are learning.   The primary purpose is to get over the hump of figuring out the technology necessary, asking clients permission to videotape, watching yourself on camera, and sharing with other clinicians in a safe environment.  Although, this may sound daunting, the experience is invaluable.  The facilitator works to create a safe climate and supports you as you overcome this challenge.